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Re: Galaxy S9 Plus Text Message Bubbles and Background...

(Topic created on: 2/28/21 12:49 AM)
Galaxy Buds
I purchased a pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds Live while on a Sciencetefic trip to South East Asia for a few months. While traveling I decided to purchase a pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds Live. I must admit they are the most comfortable and allows you to maintain them in your ears many more hours than the typical earbuds that need to be jammed into the ear and after a while they become quite uncomfortable. I paid retail but did avoid the tax. When I arrived home I took them to the Samsung store to have an issue I was having with the Wearable app not functioning properly. I could connect connect to my Samsung Galaxy s9 plus without any problem but the feature features which I feel would be very helpful and make my purchase even more spectacular. But the app turns on but items and features are grayed out and inoperable. Frankly I have no idea what is causing my issue and would appreciate if anyone else has experienced this problem.
Sincerely William Mitchell
I truly will appreciate any positive response from the community or possibly a Samsung Galaxy team member. Thanks in advance to those who have offered assistance. God bless you.
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