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Refused to Repair

(Topic created on: 3/19/21 10:29 AM)
Galaxy Buds

Does anyone have a phone number to reach out to corporate? I've made almost 30 calls to Samsung Repair Center to get my Buds back and they are horrible. I have a total of 8 devices in my home and as of today, when they go bad or become obsolete, I will be buying other brands. Today, I had to cancel my ticket so that I can get back my "non-working" buds that are still under warranty.  They will never get another dime of my money. Any ideas on how to contact someone who can actually do something about the poor customer service? I've literally spent nearly 20 hrs on the phone on hold and waiting to talk to people. @samsung 

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Galaxy Buds
I'm sorry for the issues. I don't know any other good/reliable number. I hope you get your things figured out and well. Stay safe.