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Right Ear bud Stopped working

(Topic created: 06-17-2021 08:41 AM)
Galaxy Buds

I took my earbuds out this weekend the right bud is not working.  I tried getting it to change, but got a green light.  I did some internet searches and see that it could not be getting a good connection.  I cleaned the connections and nothing.  I uninstalled the wearable app and re-installed it.  Still the same, I tried resetting the earbud and still the same.  I shut down the phone and tried it all again; nothing.  I tried to hold down on the working and then the non-working earbud in the case to reset, but I never get the blinking light; big HUH!!  I figured I would wait till I get home and just use the wifes set of Galaxy +'s.  I just attempted to hook them up and I'm getting the same thing out of them.  The right bud too.  I thought; well maybe it's my phone.  I had a 3rd set of earbuds, a off brand, and they work perfectly.

Blue pair: Model SM-R175, Serial L: RFAN31MADTM; i can't get the right since it won't connect.

Red pair: Model SM-R175, Serial L: RFAN32BVYSK; Same for the right

Using a Galaxy S20+ phone too.

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