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Right Galaxy Bud Not Holding Charge -Sent Back 3 Times Already!

Well as the title states I have a problem with the right bud not holding a charge. For example, I watched a 2 hour long movie and the right bud was at 5% while the left had 75% charge still left. The same while listening to music. I have sent the buds back for the 3rd time the day before yesterday! This is really getting frustrating to say the least. I had called samsung support and requested an upgrade to the galaxy buds plus. When I called today to check on the status, I was told that they were working on the repair already. So I told the lady that no, I did not want to receive another pair of the galaxy buds because I had already tried 3 pairs! They had no clue as to what I was talking about. All I got was, "I will update the notes and someone will be calling you back" but I have heard that in the past. I am really annoyed by this situation and all I want is to be able to listen to music with a reliable pair of earphones!