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Right Galaxy Bud+ wont connect to phone after restart.

My right earbud shows blank while my left earbud and case show fully charged.  I can not get the right earbud to pair with the phone even after resetting the buds and phone.  When I place the right earbud into the case, the case light turns red, then quickly turns back to green showing that the right earbud is fully charged.  How should I proceed?



Re: Right Galaxy Bud+ wont connect to phone after restart.

I'm having this same issue even after troubleshooting. I've reset the buds, the Galaxy Wearable app, and the phone, and the right bud still will not connect even though the light is green. My screen looks the same as OP's.




I was able to fix the issue using this YouTube video!


Here are the exact steps I took:

1. Turn Bluetooth off to disconnect Buds+ from phone.

2. Take the Working Bud out of the case, keep the Disconnected Bud in the case.

3. Charge case to 100% and keep the charging cord plugged into the case thereafter.

4. Reseat the Disconnected Bud a few times until the inner light stays red instead of green.

5. Leave the case open to ensure the light doesn't turn back to green.

6. Charge for a while and check periodically using the Galaxy Wearable app to see if the Disconnected Bud starts charging again. Comments on the video range in the amount of time it takes, but for me it took around an hour or so for the Disconnected Bud to start holding a charge. It should show up in the Galaxy Wearable app, no longer greyed out, but red with 1% to 5% charge.

7. You can put the Working Bud back into the case and close the lid at this point to charge the rest of the Disconnected Bud.


Hope this works for you, too!

Repeat the steps if it didn't work from first time. Please comment if it helps " Subscribe " for updates if you want :D