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Right ear bud states if is disconnected

(Topic created on: 1/23/21 9:46 PM)
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Samsung Galaxy Ear bud 


- I've tried resetting my ear buds, resetting my network settings, multiple different devices, I've cleaned my ear buds, and my right ear bud continues to say disconnect. It's been less than one year since I got them. The Samsung wearable apps states the right ear but is disconnected continously. 


The light stays red while in the charging case therefore indicating its charging but continues to say disconnected. I've made sure is cleaned and free of debris. My left ear bud works perfectly. 


Can someone offer any help? 

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A thing (right earbud) used to work, stopped working, and you have tried it on multiple devices with the same result. You tried resetting and cleaning. It looks like you have done good troubleshooting, with the result that you have found the thing is defective.
I have no information on, or experience with, any earbuds. I have many years of experience with technical troubleshooting. So if there is a special thing about this device, I wouldn't know. To me it looks like you've done a very good job.