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Running attachments?

(Topic created: 09-14-2021 05:48 AM)
Galaxy Buds

I loved the Galaxy Buds, but is there really no attachment to hook these on your ear for extra support? I had to stop using these while running because the right side constantly fell out. I tried every tip and wing that came with the buds but it's obviously something with the way my jaw moves that prevents the bud from staying in my ear. I'd love to get a new pair of buds.. does anyone have any recommendations for an attachment that would hook these around the ear?

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Galaxy Buds
Sorry I can't answer you question for a recommendation for a attachment but wanted to agree about the fit and how I tried all sizes also. Using a tip that came from a old pair of earbuds / wired kind. And they still come loose and almost fall out of my ear. So aggravating and I am also having trouble with them staying connected to my GalaxyTab S6. Thinking about changing brands all together.