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*Trying* to like the Galaxy Buds Live but the issues

So I bought a nice shiny black pair of the Galaxy Bud Live (GBL) earbuds yesterday (right at 24hrs ago as of this posting) with the intent of using for the endless stream of Zoom/Teams meetings everyday. I also wanted to have something more portable for walks, yard work etc. For the past 5 years I've been using some Klipsch X7i (K7) in ear earphones which sound incredible and still work perfect which is why I've been hesitant to switch. But I've tried to switch and need some help overcoming the issues with these new ones first. I'm using a Samsung S9+ and all software and firmware are up to date on devices.


  1.  Sound is decent when you finally get the bean in the ear just right and using the reference in here I improved that some I adjusted my fit which seems to completely contradict the Samsung fitment picture. For my right ear it fits well enough but my left just can't find a happy spot and want to stay put.
  2. Volume seems near maxed out or at least way to high compared to other including the stock and Klipsch earbuds. When I'm really into a song the GBL are at typically 94/100 where the K7 for the same volume are only at 60. I found the whole assign vol up/dn to the tap and hold and that helped ALOT but they still seem running on the edge all the time.
  3. Indoors with the phone right in front of me audio performance is acceptable. I do get random blips of sound degredation where it kind of goes full stereo to a mono focus for a like a second or two then goes back. This is with the phone unobstructed 16 inches from the GBL. Outdoors is a whole different story. Put the phone in my pocket during a 3 min song it'll drop 3 or 4 times, slow down randomly, garble and jitter around. Near unusable for sure. I've also done the bluetooth battery optimization, cache clearing reset/re-pair etc. nothing seems to help this. I feel this is definately an issue with the scalable codec and if I change it back to AAC (definate step back) the gear app just changes it back immediately as a start a song.
  4. The touch pads seem to have a life of their own sometimes, I'll tap it and nothing will happen and 5 seconds later it responds. Even to the point of I tried to pause music and it wouldnt respond so I used the music app and took the GBL out and set them on the table. They then started playing on the table.

So that is the more important functionality list for basic operation. Now attempts to use them on my laptop.

  1. We'll start with the big one it seems EVERYONE is complaining on over the interwebs. There is no microphone boost option and nobody can hear a dang word I say. I spent hours reading forum after forum on this one and tried numerous snake oil remedies and nothing works. I've got other bluetooth headsets that work perfectly but the GBL is not identifying itself properly to Windows 10 and it ends up using a generic AVCR driver which doesn't support the boost option.
  2. The next big one is the lack of ability to have W10 control the volume. I had to execute some hocus pocus and un-pair with my phone to finally get this to work but it is of little use cause no one can hear me anyway. Yes I did do the registry volume limit workaround but that didn't fix the volume issue. I basically had to disable the stereo function of the GBL and only use headset version for volume to respond.
  3. I don't know if this 3rd item is a W10 or Gear app issue but I've paired GBL with both devices and if I start playing music they switch over to W10 right away. W10 seems able to just take them back at will like a bully from a kid on the playground. The phone on the other hand can't seem to properly get them back while W10 connects even though there is no sound playing. I need to turn off BT on W10 or remove pairing. When the advert for GBL says it can pair to more than 1 device at a time I may have mistakenly assumed this was the same way Plantronics does and you can flip flop between devices and if neither is using the one who needs it would request and take access.

Like I said I'm trying to like these enough to keep them but right now they have too many boxes needing ticked off to make the muster. Are there any solutions (real) that solve any of these? I'm hesitant to think most if not all of these can be based on the number of people complaining day after day about them.