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(Topic created: 06-09-2021 07:13 PM)
Galaxy Buds

I was using the Galaxy Buds pro recently, and had the was looking at the settings.

I found something I consider to be badly set, which was the custom controls with the ambient sound and transparency mode. The option for that toggles between the two, but with the headphones one cannot turn it off. One would need to go into the app and turn it off their. I feel like it would make more sense of it to cycle betwen the three options (off, ANC, and transparency), or at least add that as an option as opposed to having a setting where it cannot be turned off with the earbuds themself.


Beyond that, greater customization of the buds would be cool. If u set the settings for hold, it does volume up/down on opposite buds. If it was possible to have an option for the same feature with double or tripple tap with the skip/prev option, bixby, volume or some other setting could be added to the buds at the same time.

I just feel their is a lot that can be improved with the ability to customize the touch controls.

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Galaxy Buds
Even worse, despite there being separate settings for the left and right buds custom long press option, you can't set different noise cancellation toggles per bud. Whatever you set one bud to, it changes the setting on the other bud to match. Why even bother to have per-bud settings if he can't set different behaviors for each?