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Very poor audio quality on Galaxy Buds2 when using only one bud.

(Topic created: 10-13-2021 05:01 PM)
Galaxy Buds

I just recently bought my pair of Galaxy Buds2 and noticed a glaring issue. Whenever you use a single bud with the other in the case the audio quality drops. I have done everything to attempt to fix this issue, but nothing worked .

I have:

  • Reset and unpaired buds and phone multiple times
  • Looked in settings to see if anything caused it, nothing did (not even the left/right accessibility setting, or the setting where you can control the audio modes with one bud)

I have done some research and apparently the issue has something to do with the codec. This issue should be fixable in a software update.

Some extra details:

Phone: Lg K31

Earbud software version: R177XXU0AUI5/R177XXU0AUI5/

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