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Warranty repair replace is non-existent

(Topic created on: 12/5/20 12:16 PM)
Galaxy Buds

I purchased a pair of Earbuds Janurary of 2020 - With minimal use over the course of the year they no longer charge the right earbud.  

My wife called early November, and the operator confirmed they were still under warranty - they provided a label and we sent them in. 

Now we are told the repair will cost $90 and are not under warranty because they are "DAMAGED".  This is not true. They were well taken care of, and I looked them over very closely to ensure it was nothing on my end.  In the email, we were told to call in today (a saturday) and were constantly told we had the wrong number, and department. We called the number they provided in the email.  

Come to find out, we now see they constantly deny warranty claims - which is very disappointing since they should be standing behind their products. 

I hope this can be resolved - the woman we spoke with today said the repair note was vague and gave no information as to what the problem actually is.  Do they expect people to pay $90 for a reapair, when they cost just a bit more?  This is unacceptable. 

Has anyone successfully had a product fixed or replaced under warranty? 



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