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Weird review of the galaxy buds2

(Topic created: 06-01-2024 07:35 PM)
Galaxy Buds

You all know by now about the sound and features. But, I'd like to share an experience some might like to know about.

Apparently, I dropped my case at my home recently and didn't realize the buds fell out. I only brought the case to work.

I have two dogs that will teeth on anything they see, and they saw my buds.

I found both buds on my dogs treasure trove of toys in pristine condition. No bite marks. No scratches. Nothing. They still work well.

I could only assume they tried, but could not make them a chew toy.

What a day.

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Galaxy Buds
talk about a huge sigh of relief!
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Galaxy Buds

@eneny That's funny 😄 I washed and then dried by Buds 2 in my shorts pocket, and they work like nothing ever happened. They ended up getting shaken out of the pocked, and then out of the case, I found them in the dryer and though for sure they'll be dead, I think the battery (or batteries) was dead... I charged them, and they turned on perfectly fine. It's been about a year since, and still no issues.

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