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What are the best Samsung earbuds right now?

(Topic created: 12-19-2022 08:02 PM)
Galaxy Buds

What are the best Samsung earbuds right now? I had the Live Earbuds and they are so disappointing on battery life and overall sound

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Galaxy Buds
Are you wearing the buds they way they tell you which is really dumb and awful, or are you wearing them they way you should, which is basically treating them like regular buds and sticking the bottom of the bean into your ear canal? I know the beans are as controversial as earphones can get but I find them to be incredibly comfortable and to have very good sound. That said because of the weird shape it can be uncomfortable for some and possibly lead to poor sound quality if you have a funky shaped ear.

Anyways, the buds pro 2 are the current latest and greatest and have a traditional shape, so if you want the best that's your pick.