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White Noise with ambient sound on Galaxy Buds+ (purple BTS edition)

I have a lot of white noise when i use ambient sound with these new Buds+.  i have two other pairs of the regular buds and don't have this problem.  It's very annoying.  I unpaired and re-paired and reset the buds (which made me pair again).  This actually reduced the white noise, but then 5 minutes later, it just suddenly came back.  Support chat says to send them in but this is the 3rd pair that i've had to send in for different reasons and and I'm getting a little tired of it as you have to find the time to print the label, go find a box, pack it up, tape on the label and then you have to find the time to drive them over to the UPS or USPS office.  


Is anyone else having this problem?  i saw a post on it and it said there was a new version of the software that corrects it, but i don't know when that was written (didn't see a date) and my software says it's already updated (for both the app and the buds).  If i HAVE to send them in, i will, but if it's just a matter of waiting for an update, then I'll do that instead.


On a good note, i LOVE the new feature in labs where you can tap the side of the bud to increase or decrease sound!  This allows me to have the regular settings where i can quickly touch and hold the right one to turn on spotify without grabbing my phone and for the left i can have it turn on ambient noise quickly.   This way i don't have to pick one or the other (because quick volume control is also important).


And just a tip, if you try this and you have a hard time finding the right spot to tap.... just tap the top of your ear!  it works like a charm! (i guess it just needs the vibration)