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Will not disconnect completely from old phone

So my sister got her note 10 a while back. but she didnt really like the galaxy buds that came with it, so she gave the buds to me. Thing is even after i disconnected the earbuds in the app and in blutooth on her phone, disconnected and unpair, everytime i take one of the ear buds out of the case, her phone would always ask to connect the the earbuds, even though my Note 8 and laptop were the last devices to connect to the earbuds.. How do i stop her phone from asking to connect the earbuds at all?

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Will not disconnect completely from old phone



Thank you for reaching out. I would recommend checking to make sure that the buds are forgotten in the Bluetooth settings. You can also reset the network setting on the device which would also reset Bluetooth. This would require you to reconnect to any network or Bluetooth device again, but should remove the buds from the known devices. In order to do this, go to Settings and tap on the magnifying glass to open the finder. In this search bar type in reset network settings and it should pull that option as the top result. Tap on this to continue with resetting the network settings. 


Let me know if this helped!