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best recommended settings for Galaxy Buds 2 for maximum battery life for music time WITH ANC ON?

(Topic created: 03-07-2023 12:19 AM)
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So im from India and on friday 3rd march i ordered a Galaxy Buds 2 from Amazon india. It was delivered on Saturday. Since then i used it in full, drained the battery in full. Charge it full up. Then drained it again and used it again after charging it full up.


Even after turning off every setting but the touch controls and ANC [so the seamless connection, voice search for calls etc were all off], i was getting barely 3 hours of music time at 70% or less volume. Instead of 5 years with ANC on. And barely 4.5 hours WITHOUT ANC.  33% less than advertised battery performance.


I contacted both Amazon and Samsung support. Both seem to agree that something is wrong and amazon issued me a replacement immediately [hasnt arrived yet].


So now with the new one i want to know the optimal settings recommended by samsung for maximum battery life while playing music WITH ANC on. Like the settings they used for testing to make the claim of 5 hours with ANC on.


i really hope this one works because 6000 rs is a lot of money and i really hope it was just one defective battery instead of a defective product. I really loved everything about the buds 2 except the battery issue.

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Community Manager
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Thanks for reaching out. This forum is for support of US products and customers. As your product is a non-US model and support for these models is very limited, please seek a support team for your area. You can do so by using this link: https://www.samsung.com/us/common/visitlocationsite.html