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buds poor audio quality while using a pc

A strage issue strted today, while using my buds with my pc the audio quality is poor, the audio sounds metallic and not very clear, sounds a bit like a connectivity issue. 

This doesn't happen while i use my mobile device. 

i tried to re-pair the buds to my pc but the issue wan't solved!

any suggestions? 

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: buds poor audio quality while using a pc

Have you tried resetting your Galaxy buds?

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Re: buds poor audio quality while using a pc

Meet the same audio issue like you. Have you solved your problem yet?

I bought a pair of buds in 11th Sept. , and found the metalic sound when connect to my pc (I'm sure it is stereo mode not handset mode as it connected and replaying music) as it never happens with my phone. So I ask my local dealer to change my product to a new one, but still, meet this issue again.

Then I tried the buds with all of my PCs, all of them sound exactly same metalic and harsh. As they feature Win10 with Quallcomm BT4.1, Win8.1 with Intel BT4.0, Win7 with Realtek BT2.x each. And the Win10 one's volume range is larger than the others, and when volume control bar reached both 3 and 97 I could hear three beep sound from the buds.

I've contact my local dealer and samsung support service provider many times, but they say they can't solve my problem as they only deal with the phone connecting issues and they've never receive the report of the same issue before. So if the buds work well with phone,  they say they can't do anything further.

Please help me, I really like this earbuds of which sound good with my mobile phone, but really I need to work with my PCs very often.