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suggestion for the find feature

As a delighted user of these super easy to use and equally super easy to lose ear buds AND their case, I would appreciate it if the Bluetooth would attempt to connect to the CASE in the event that it cannot connect with the buds because they are already in the closed case.

That, or maybe include some sort of complimentary RFID tag that we can activate when we lose them every other day. (I can't be the only 40yo who has had this problem...I thought, "Ooooh nifty, with a case I'll never lose the ear buds!" I wasn't wrong. Haven't lost the buds themselves. But the buds in the case? Days and days go by before I'll find the little beautiful case again. 😂)
Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: suggestion for the find feature

Thank you for your interest in sharing your ideas with Samsung. We appreciate your feedback and will tag it on the forum so that it will appear with other feedback, ideas, and requests. This will allow your post to be more easily found in the event that Samsung product groups are seeking outside feedback/requests/ideas regarding our products.