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Broken nib in Fold Pen - Samsung want the phone back as well.

(Topic created: 08-02-2023 10:32 AM)
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My wife's Samsung Fold 4 (which already had to go for a repair when the networking failed a few months in) recently had the nib break off on the pen.

Now this pen DID NOT come with the phone, she had an offer come through when she had the phone on day 1 to get the case and pen.

Now when we contacted Samsung to see about getting the pen fixed. However Samsung completely refuse to take the pen without the phone. The pen was not supplied with the fold, and its not exclusive to it - we could buy a new one 

They then offered a goodwill payment to... get this... buy a backup phone (my wife is disabled, with dexterity issues and the larger phone and the pen is ideal for using it - she was using an Ipad Pro and Pencil before).

They offered £30 - and the cheapest phone on Amazon is £34 - which isnt on our provider, so my wife would incur charges,

They wont replace the pen on its own, or look at it without the phone.

Absolute madness, that they refuse to fix the pen.

So this weekend we're going to a friend to see if he can fix it. But this is our last Samsung. She was a week without her phone a few months after having it new, and I'm not happy she'll be without a phone for more time - its important as she's housebound.

There was no give on the goodwill gesture - to be honest we didnt want the £30 - we wanted the pen sorted. It wouldnt be so bad if the gesture bought a replacement pen!

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This sounds like an odd situation. This discussion area is for Samsung US products and services. Therefore, you probably won't reach the proper people by posting here. You should find the Samsung discussion area for your part of the world and post there.
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Did they offer 30 only if she sends the phone in, or did they already credit it? It could probably just cover a new S-Pen.

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