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Cut and Paste Malfunctioning

I just received another Galaxy Z Fold (gen 1) as a warranty replacement and already the software is malfunctioning.  When trying to cut or copy a block of text using the teardrop handles, the menu to Cut, Copy, Paste Select all text, etc. floating window  moves in the direction that the handles get dragged causing the floating window to cover the block of text to be copied.  This happens within apps like Facebook and Instagram and intermittently when using Samsung Notes.  The phone recently went through a software update which i had hope would fix the issue but didn't.  Cut, copy, paste intermittently works so i can reproduce the issue at will but when it does act up, its super inconvenient and have to select all the text, paste it, then omit the text that i don't need.  Is there a fix for this or do i need another replacement device? It never used to do this.  


Re: Cut and Paste Malfunctioning

the cut copy and paste block is now freely movable around the screen when it pops up just press and hold on it and move it out of the way it's that simple at least on my phone I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 regular.