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Disappointed in the Galaxy Z Fold 2

Not at all what I expected! kinda disappointed..Sending it back. Whoever heard of a $2000 phone that doesn't  scan and go?  am I just asking to much? On top of it not being able to add a SD CARD, and no audio port among a few things this phone missed.  Cameras not that much better really than the S10 plus for the price. The 15 day will be over in a few... Requested  my returned today sadly.. Samsung  failed  Miserably at this phone.. They really need to go back to the drawing board on this one! I have been a Samsung phone lover for years❤. And  I don't mind spending the big buck for a phones I like!   This phone was all about the money and not the customer😢... Keep your old phone KEEP YOUR MONEY! don't buy this phone!