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Dual home screen setup ( zfold3 )

(Topic created: 10-01-2021 02:52 AM)
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There are no right or wrong ways to customize your phone, it's all about personal preferences and all my posts are just that. 

When I just got my zfold 3, I had the outer ( cover ) home screen and the inner home screen both matching. In the Samsung setting it is called "cover screen mirroring" with the thought process that both screen will be familiar and therefore easier to use. While that maybe true to a point when I decided to really start customizing the phone, having two different home screen setup proved to be the way to go for me.

Below is an example of how I setup my dual home screen.

On the cover ( outer) screen I use quick access and on the go type apps
1. Frequently called people short cut
2. Weather widget
3. Google search widget
4. Phone launch app
5. Camera launch app

On the inner home screen I use frequently used, entertainment and productivity type apps
1. Microsoft office suite 
2. Samsung notes 
3. All my social media apps ( LinkedIn etc)
4. All my entertainment apps ( audible etc)
5. All my custom work apps 

I am constantly updating what's on my home screens with the hope on finding the most functional setup for me.

The bottom line, you have so much screen real estate why not use it. Cheers

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Chick 0n the screen bottom three lines then click the button and go from there. It work on my Samsung