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Galazy Z fold 2 screen Concern

To say the least, I have had an amazing experience thus far with the galaxy fold 2. Its provided an amazing experience with its amazing versatility. However, I have noticed a sound coming from the left middle section of screen. Its comparable to a a slight squeaking sound when you rub your finger across this area. On the symmetrical portion of the screen on the right side, it does not make this sound. It functions flawlessly despite the sound it makes when you touch this area lightly or firmly. I believe this is the best way to describe it.

I was curious if anyone else has had a similar sound with their device? After this post, I plan to get in touch with samsung to see if this is normal. While the left side of the screen makes this noise the right side does not. Again, this is in the center left portion of the screen next to the crease in the middle. Thanks for the help!