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Get to know the Z Fold4 camera | Top tips for the Z Fold4 camera

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For folks wanting to know more about the Z Fold4 cameras, here is my video, where some useful camera features help you use the cameras more effectively when capturing beautiful moments. The video also features video samples from the cameras to help you figure out if the Z Fold4 is a worthy video companion. Z Fold4 comes with a 10MP cover screen selfie camera and a 4MP under-display selfie camera on the main screen. It houses three cameras in the rear - a 12MP ultra-wide, a 10MP telephoto, and a whopping 50MP wide-angle camera!


Most of these features will apply to previous generations of the Z Fold series, while camera/video output will differ as previous generations carry different camera specs.

What do you think of the Z Fold4 camera? Is it good enough to replace that #S22Ultra you are carrying for photos and videos?

I talk about the following in my video:

  1. Launch the camera app
  2. Configure camera modes
  3. Cover screen mode
  4. Flex mode mode
  5. Dual preview mode
  6. Cover view mode
  7. Sample: Using Z Fold's cover screen camera
  8. Choose the 50MP camera with the detail enhancer
  9. Sample: Using Z Fold's main screen camera
  10. Settings: Picture formats
  11. Settings: Grid lines
  12. Settings: Shooting methods
  13. Settings: Video settings
  14. Settings: Zoom-in mic & Auto Framing
  15. Sample: Auto Framing using cover screen camera
  16. Settings: Video resolutions
  17. Using the zoom controls
  18. Sample: Using Z Fold's main camera


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Galaxy Fold
Galaxy Fold
I love my Fold 4, but in my opinion, the camera is trash. I traded in a Note 20 Ultra, so I knew I was going backwards in the camera department, but I never expected the Fold 4 camera to be as bad as it is, especially in indoor settings. Even RAW output is sorely lacking in detail you'd expect from 50mp.
I'm going to watch your video to see if I'm missing something, but I seriously doubt it.
Galaxy Fold
Here's an example of what I'm talking about. I used the 3:4 50mp option (not Pro mode), and got a file just over 4mb in size. That's a TON of digital data being left behind, resulting in severe softness. Even in Pro mode, I'm only getting 12mp files out of a 50mp sensor. 20220919_141415_1000000135_1663611255.jpg