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How I use my Z Fold4 - A guide on top useful features for the Z Fold series

(Topic created: 09-11-2022 11:14 AM)
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Folding devices such as the Z Fold4 bring much-needed excitement to the dull smartphone market. For those who haven’t used a folding device or are thinking of getting a folding device like the Z Fold4, you might be wondering what features make this device a capable smartphone and, most importantly, a dependable daily driver other than just being a phone that you can unfold into a tablet.


This video is the first of that series. A series of videos will focus on how these new folding devices change how we use smartphones. The unique features and the capabilities they bring to the table. This video walks you through how I use my Z Fold4 with its useful features, and everything you see in this video also applies to Z Fold2 and  Z Fold3 with the OneUI 4.1.1 update.

Has using a folding phone changed the way you think about smartphones? Share your feedback here!

00:00 Intro

00:54 Wallpaper and Home Screen

02:11 Cover screen mirroring

04:28 Continue apps on the cover screen

05:50 Edge panel

07:44 My home screen (main screen) setup

08:25 Taskbar

10:18 Multitasking: Working with multiple apps

14:55 Multitasking: Pop-up view apps

18:14 Multitasking settings

21:38 Cover view

23:15 Flex mode

27:31 Full-screen apps

29:37 GoodLock app: OneHandOperation+ app

32:26 GoodLock app: ThemePark app

34:36 Outro


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Good work man. A great guide for new, and seasoned, Fold users. Kudos.

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Thank you!