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I am very disappointed with Samsung's products and Samsung's service!

(Topic created: 05-18-2021 12:03 AM)
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I am very disappointed with Samsung's products and Samsung's service! Samsung's product is almost the worst of its kind I have used, and Samsung's service is definitely the worst one I have ever seen!
I bought a Samsung mobile phone in October 2020, the model is: Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G. During my use of this phone, it always has various strange problems.
For example, it will mute itself, even if I turn on the volume to its maximum. As a result, I often miss customer messages.
I inserted a physical SIM card, which is my personal number, and the other eSIM is my business number. Although I switched to the eSIM business number as the primary number to call or send text messages, it still uses the physical SIM card to call and send text messages by default. This problem caused me a lot of trouble. I once asked a Samsung technician for help, but he still couldn't solve it after several attempts. He suggested resetting the phone, which I did. But after using it for a few days, it got this problem again.
One day I used my mobile phone to check information. When I wanted to open the big screen, it could not be fully opened, it could not be flat, it could only be a V shape. I gave up after trying twice, and I felt something was stuck in the connection of the phone. When I was going to send it to Samsung service for repair the next day, I found it could be opened again.
I thought I didn't need to worry about it anymore, but I didn't expect this to be the beginning of my nightmare.
After this happens in the mobile phone, its lens will often become blurred, and it will be blocked by the tiny water. I know it is not waterproof, so I never put it in water or even put it near water neither. Later I found that after I put it in my pocket, if I sweat, it will blur the lens in the next few hours. Or put it in the bathroom, and it will do the same, don't need to put it in or near water. The last time I couldn't bear the lens blur, I sent it to Samsung service for repair, and a week later they told me that this phone is not waterproof. If I want to repair it, I need to pay $2200. Later, I even negotiated with Samsung’s repairer several times. No matter how I explain to them, everyone would only mechanically reply that it is not waterproof. If it is repaired, I need to pay $2200. But they can give me a discount, minus $81. I didn't want to spend $2200 to repair this garbage, so Samsung notified me to take it back 10 days later.
The story is still not over.
When I took it back, it could not be turned on because the battery was completely empty. I brought it back home and charged it fully. Then I found that the lower part of the outside screen of my phone was not working properly. No matter how I touched it or clicked it, it didn't respond. The upper part is normal. I hastened contacted Samsung customer service online. I reported my problem to them, and Samsung suggested that I use the Samsung members app in my phone to report it. Then I did. But until today, two weeks have passed, Samsung still has not given any solution. I have contacted them several times during this period, and every time I got the answer: I’m sorry to hear this, please be patient.
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Galaxy Fold

i don't mean to sound like a broken record considering you've gone through so much trouble already, but just wondering if you've tried reporting some of the issues that you've faced using the Samsung Members app; things like eSIM sounds like something they could have helped, and wondering if the Samsung service you mentioned you referred to is the samsung members or not