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Media Downloads not downloading

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Media downloads sent to me are not downloading in my text messages. Any advice? 
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Good morning @YannaBanana,

I hope you're doing well. I'm sorry to hear that media downloads aren't downloading for you.

Try a couple of things to fix this. First: Open your messenger app

If you're using Google Messages: Tap on the icon with your photo at the top right> next tap on "Message Settings"> scroll to the bottom and tap "advanced"> from here you'll want to make sure that "Auto-download MMS" is toggled on.

If you're using Samsung Messages: Tap on the Three dots on the right side> Then tap "settings"> next tap "more settings" ar the bottom>next tap on "Multimedia messsges" same thing if you're using this messenger app, make sure MMS is toggled to "download automatically"

After you've verified this setting is on for your respective messenger: you'll want to clear the Cache for whichever app messenger you're using. Open your settings menu by swipping down your notification shade and tapping the gear icon at the top right to take you to your Settings menu> next scroll down and tap on "apps"> then you'll want to find the Messages app you're using and tap on that> now tap on "storage"> and last you'll want to tap on "clear cache" at the bottom.

I hope this helps.