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Official Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Flip 5 Ordering, Shipping, and Feedback Thread

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Hi everyone, I'm sorry I'm late with this, was traveling from Korea back to the States, and only got a chance to get on the Forums today. With every new major device release, I like to start one of these Pre-Order and Tracking threads. Completely optional, of course, but people seem to like to keep the dates and order details in one place, so we can all get a better idea of what and when to expect.

This thread is for both, Fold5 and Flip5 pre-orders, and if you want, feel free to add your Watch 6 or Tab S9 orders too!

Usually, we try to include the following information:

- Date ordered:

- Where did you order from (samsung.com, carrier, retailer, etc.):

- Unlocked or Carrier variant:

- Model, storage capacity, Color:

- Did you trade-In:

- Estimated delivery date:

Then, once it ships, please come back and post an update with the same information above, but the actual stated shipping and delivery dates, and maybe even let us know once it's received. 


Here is my stuff:

- Date ordered: August 26, 2 hours or so after the Unpacked.

- Where did you order from (samsung.com, carrier, retailer, etc.): samsung.com

- Unlocked or Carrier variant: Unlocked, always.

- Model, storage capacity: Color Galaxy Z Fold 5, 512GB, Gray samsung.com exclusive color

- You can share your trade-in info, if you want Trading in Fold 4, 256GB

- Estimated delivery date: August 11


By the way, the best place to order is:

Pre order new Galaxy Z Flip5 5G | Price & Deals | Samsung US

Pre-Order New Galaxy Z Fold5 5G | Price & Deals | Samsung US

Pre-order Galaxy Tab S9 & S9+ & S9 Ultra | Price & Deals | Samsung US

Pre-Order New Galaxy Watch6 & Watch6 Classic | Price & Deals | Samsung US

It's this easy everyone, I want to see some delivery dates! Let's do this....

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Where do you send the phone to?  Verizon or Samsung? 

I purchased my S21U from Verizon 2-1/2 years ago with an $800 trade in.  Verizon did send me a box but Samsung doesn't, they tell you to use the box from the new phone. 

When I received my trade in credit it was $30 and not $800 and the phone was in perfect condition.  5 phone calls later to various Verizon reps I got my $800 credit.  In my case it was finding a rep who had the knowledge and actually understood the issue before I was successful. 

Hopefully you'll be dealing with Verizon as you try to work this out. 

I am curious as to why you went through the Samsung Website instead of Verizon?  I always go through Verizon (except this time) so I have a local belly button to talk to.

Good Luck! 

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