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One buggy app or one buggy phone?

(Topic created: 06-08-2022 05:34 AM)
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I've been using this food tracking app for years. I get my Fold2, and I start getting bugs in the app that destroy full functionality. I write support for the app over and over. They cannot replicate the issue, so they thus cannot do anything. I download and log into my husband's Fold 2 - same thing. After almost two years of uninstalling, reinstalling, emailing and just dealing with, I borrowed an Old Note 9, and the app works perfectly. I don't know what else to do, as it appears to the phone. Has anyone experienced anything like this? Will a 4 help, or will the bugs persist https://9apps.ooo/ ? How can app developers help without understanding that this only happens on my Fold? They claim to have never seen errors like this before, and I believe them :(. I love my phone. I love my app. Any advice?

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@oahenkepi Does you old Note 9 have exactly the same OS and apps installed as your Fold 2? 

If an app developer doesn't keep their app up to date with changes in OS and support libraries the app can operate in odd and incorrect ways.