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Please add the thumb slider widget on the Z Fold 3

(Topic created: 05-07-2022 11:20 AM)
Galaxy Fold

I love this ZFold3 I do. I also find myself using the front display more often because some apps I need to use often won't add support for the inner display size and looked uggghh when on the larger display. So I used iphone13pro for a couple weeks for a little change. Apple doesn't suck like some say but I really can't use an iphone (especially after using a ZFold3), it's just not for me. I see why some people can like it but I can't daily drive and iphone. I used some iPhones over the years and I just always switch back. After returning the iphone and getting back to my ZFold3 fully, ahhhh feels like home, missed my thumb slider oh so much. Geeze.... nothing is perfect I guess but the ZFold3 is my perfect for now. Samsung, I need that new smart widget on this Fold please, and fully unleash the thumb slider, please! Yoh I wish developers  could understand me. Offer some real support for the foldables please! 

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