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QR codes open in notes and only allow you to view or search

(Topic created: 05-21-2022 08:46 AM)
Galaxy Fold

If I use the QR scanner under the drag down menu or just using my camera it opens with a Note dialog screen that allows me to view the number or search the web. 

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Galaxy Fold
What feature/option did you expect it to have?

The QR code may only contain a link. If that's all that's available than what else do you expect the app to be able to do with it? (Sincerely asking)

QR codes just hold text and control codes up to 7,089 characters... that doesn't mean the person who created the QR code used all the available storage nor that they included any control codes... also if they did use control codes, they may be typed in with a typo, they my be incompatible with your specific device (ie meant for a laptop and not a phone... you can't open the CD tray on a phone for example) or they may be control codes that are blocked by your security settings or not available on your device because Samsung decided not to support that specific function for security purposes.

If you reply as to what specific function your looking for I may be able to help narrow it down for you.