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Samsung needs to implement a better way to do this on the z fold series.

(Topic created: 09-11-2022 11:14 AM)
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Pardon for this, but allow me to rant about something thats really been bugging me about the fold 4. Currently samsung has it where you have to set each app if you want it to continue on the cover screen or not, which is a very poor way to implement such a feature. Users should be able to set on a use by use basis if they want apps to continue, for example if you close the phone and swipe up, the app continues on the cover but if user does not, then the screen remains off. This way users can decide on an use by use basis instead of an app by app basis for what they want to do.

So fine, if samsung doesn't want to do this, it's fine I can just set it so all apps can continue on the coverscreen...... but there's another issue with that! 

You see, samsung has a little switch I can click tonset all apps to continue on the cover screen, brilliant! Only issue is, every single time I download a new app, I have to re click that option. Isn't it intuitive to assume that if I click the switch to make all apps continue on the coverscreen...... thst I'd want it for all apps, including new ones I download???? It baffles me how nobody has implemented this quite simple fix.

Thank you for reading, I had to get that off my chest lol
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Those are fair points.

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Agreed, legitimate points..
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Because One UI does not have the permission level to change the settings for newly installed app without the user.