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Screen protector and faulty battery

(Topic created: 07-11-2022 10:16 AM)
Galaxy Fold
So, I have an unlocked Z Fold 3, a verizon insurance and am still in the Samsung Manufacturing period.

So, I have this huge vertical and thick bubble in the middle of my inner screen (very typical of Z Folds) from the built-in screen protector. And my battery is less than mediocre. A single full battery lasts about 3 hours.

So here I am calling/chatting/texting left and right about getting that screen protector replaced (I was told I'd void the phone warranty if I do it myself 🙄) and getting my battery fixed.

I've been bounced around between iBreakyoufixit, Samsung Experience and Verizon.

Verizon offered to send a replacement phone but I didn't go through with it yet because I got my Samsung phone from their Website on a monthly plan. And Verizon just placed a screen protector order and charged me $40+ for it. Without telling me about it and while I have insurance... So lost. I am highly considering cancelling that Verizon insurance as they are iPhone-centered and have no knowledge about Androids. And signing up for the Samsung Care+ Theft and Lost protection. 

So where should I go to get the help I need? Suggestions are welcome! 

Thank you very much 🙏🏽
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That's interesting to know. Because I am a repair tech for Assurant through T-Mobile and we fix samsung phones and iphones. And ubreakifix was acquired by our competitor, Asurion.

As for now, Assurant can only fix samsung series phone from the s8 to s22 phones because they send us the parts directly. As for the fold, we dont have the parts for those phones and we dont know if we'll even repair those phones.

This makes me want to reach out to verizon and pick their brains.
Cosmic Ray
Galaxy Fold
You can change the screen protector. The battery should be under warranty for a year. Not sure how long u had it