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Terrible customer service

(Topic created: 09-20-2021 03:18 PM)
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In my experience, the customer service is a complete waste of time.  I can't remember a time when I have got even a resemblance of good service from them.  Right now they owe me a refund.  They went to a "new faster, easier and more secure refund system".  Now, 3 weeks later I am STILL wondering where my money is.  I have even been told simply "the checks in the mail" by 2 different supervisors. What an INSULT!  When you call in, you have to choose a department that has nothing to do with the department you need to talk to.  Then it takes hours to get the permission to be transferred through multiple people who have even less to do with your issue and getting disconnected only to start over again.   I have never seen a worse customer service experience than what Samsung does.  The only thing I can say about then is they are consistent in his bad they are.  I love their products.  But sometimes things go wrong.  They need to get that side of their house figured out.  The worst is when supervisors or managers say they will call back to follow up and NEVER DO!  I even got a call from Samsung informing me a manager was looking in to my case and was going to call me in about 24 hours.  5 days later and NOTHING.  lies, excuses and empty apologies is all you get from Samsung customer service.  And this happened s every time I call.  For years.  Never any improvement.

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