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The function of the side key on the Z Fold 3 to pull down notifications panel is like the old BB

(Topic created: 04-16-2022 08:32 AM)
Galaxy Fold

I swear the function of the side key on the Zfold3 to pull down notifications panel, reminds me of the side wheel on those old BlackBerry's. It's so useful to just slide your thumb down or up that side/fingerprint reader/power/Bixby key to access notifications in a flash, it's brilliant. I wish I could use it to navigate more areas of the OS, Samsung you're brilliant and you can do this, I'm telling you it could be a real winner. 

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Galaxy Fold

I literally just upgraded from my BB PRIV to the ZFold3, and that was my first thought, "aweyay! activity side bar!"


also, the BB Hub app works on the Zfold3, so for those of us who have 5 emails, and like to see all the text, and other forms of chat all in one happy, color-mapped spot, it's still good t'go 🙂