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Translate crashes on Galaxy Fold 5

(Topic created: 02-06-2024 04:15 PM)
Galaxy Fold
Google Translate Version v8.1.0.601792641.5-release (698943602)
This crash happens on my Galaxy Fold 5, but it works fine on my old Note 20.
I have a screen video capture of the crash  that I am sharing out of Google Drive... 
February 6, 2024 
Do the following to make it crash...
Use the new conversation mode between English and Spanish. 
Stop the auto language detection (by tapping the star like icon in the middle).
Press English to record a phrase. 
Speak a short phrase like "test 1"
Press English to STOP the translate.
Press English again to start another translation.
Speak something like "test 2".
Press English to stop the translate.
Continue this start and stop for 5 or 6 times and Translate well crash. 
(Sometimes it goes for several more iterations before crashing.)
This happens on my Galaxy Fold 5. It works fine on my old Note 20.
If I speak longer phrases, it still crashes, but it may also not scroll correctly.
In a normal conversation, I would also be pressing Spanish for the other person to speak, but that is not necessary to see the crash, just keep stopping and starting English for 5 or 6 times (sometimes more), and it crashes.
It also crashes when auto detecting the language, but it seems to go for a few more start/stop iterations before crashing. 
Fyi, I have tried all the usual "fixes" namely... restarting the phone. Deleting all of Translate storage. Uninstall and reinstall Translate. None help.
Can this be fixed? Do I need to report this somewhere else? (I have already posted it on a Google Translate help page - they suggested posting it on Samsung).
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