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Upgrade program for the Z Fold 3

(Topic created: 09-20-2021 03:32 PM)
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Does anyone else find it laughable that you cannot get the Fold 3 with the upgrade program? It's really weird being a loyal Note user since the first Note to feel this sold out. I've purchased every Note on release date because they represent all the best technology of that model year. Not only does Samsung discontinue the Note series, or atleast this year's drop but then they limit us Samsung Upgrade users to just the regular Galaxy. The customer who always chases the flagship offerings is now quite limited in their options. I had a Samsung rep talk me into the upgrade program when it was launched due to me wanting to always have the latest and greatest at a reasonable deal but now it's become a trap. I can either pay full price for the Fold 3 which is close to 2k, or trade my phone in and continue to pay on the Note as I enjoy the Fold 3. 

I don't think this would bother me nearly as much had I never been talked into their upgrade program. It also bothers me that Samsung doesn't seem to care about it's Note users as they're not even talking about this at all anywhere. 


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They are not discontinuing it from what I have seen


T-mobile also expressed frustration with them not releasing a note so I suspect if Samsung is smart they will release it.