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Where are the Z Fold2 Accessories?

I have been trying to get a case and screen protector for my new Z Fold2 since I preordered on Septmber 1st but nothing is available until early/mid October, even from Samsung.  I have not activaed my phone yet and have only been using the device very carefully around the house but there is already a small scratch on the back after just a few days.  Why did samsung cheap out on us and not include a case with this two thousand dollar phone?


I have talked to both customer service and the Z Fold2 Premier serive several times and no one has any answers.


Re: Where are the Z Fold2 Accessories?

they have not made a case for that turn yet as phones like that can't even use a case they need to have a bumper style one and you will never find a screen protector for it because they don't make screen protectors for foldable phones. what they can use as one, comes pre installed as part of the unit and shouldn't be removed for any reason