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Z Fold 2 Home Screen Shortcuts on Front Screen vs Inside Screen

(Topic created: 11-03-2020 09:43 AM)
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Is there a way to make the shortcuts on the inside screen show up on the front screen as well? I have to set up my home and apps screens separately on the inside and front screen. For example, if I'm using the front screen and add a shortcut to home, if I open it up to the inside screen, that shortcut is not there and I have to add it again.

This normally isn't really a problem (although it is annoying) but like for OneNote Notebook shortcuts, I had one on the inside screen and tried to add the same Notebook shortcut to the front screen but it wouldn't let me because it already existed on home, but it was the inside home not the front home.

Also, my app screens are not organized the same way if custom sort is chosen. I have to reorganize the front and inside app screens separately.

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Samsung Moderator
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For concerns with the Z Fold 2, you will need to reach out to the Premier Services team directly by calling 1-888-970-3653 or visiting this link: https://www.samsung.com/us/support/galaxy-z-premier-service/

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