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Z Fold 2 Unable to find an acceptable case/screen protector and overheating on Android Auto

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I hope Samsung reads this. 
For all the Z fold 2 customers, what screen protectors and cases have you settled with? My phone has been naked for so long and I hate having to treat it like an egg from Home Ec class back in the day. Best Buy, Verizon, T Mobile, Wal Mart, Micro Center, have literally shunned any and every accessory or any kind of protection available. I was told by Best Buy that they are strictly told they can no longer sell Z Fold 2 products bc the third one came out. I mean, how ridiculous is that?!
Also considering the Fold 3 is cheaper than the Fold 2... it baffles me.
I've been a Note customer for a minute. The Note 9 was my baby for a while. I am also the type of person to purchase screen protection and a case as soon as I take a phone out of the box. So I went on Amazon tried two different cases to find out they are not compatible or it was too flimsy. After that debacle, Amazon had the most ridiculous wait on Z Fold 2 cases. 
I have reached out to Samsung reps that had no idea what to tell me. There's no incentive of having this phone since Samsung doesn't seem to remember the folks who purchased the Fold 2 since they have launched the Fold 3. Like how does that make sense? The Samsung website doesn't even have jack squat for the Fold 2.
I was told if there was enough complaints about this situation, that we COULD have a voice. 
Either give me a credit incentive of the Fold 3 or produce more reputable cases and screen protection. 
I love my phone, but without proper protection, literally gives me anxiety. I'm sure for some they would prefer no case, but I don't like to live life on the edge like that considering the investment. 
Teach your reps more updated knowledge instead of just trying to push out the next best thing. 
All I want is to be cared just as much as someone who purchases the Fold 3. Just because you pushed out the third one doesn't mean, you just cut ties with the ones that honestly probably initiated the sales boost for the third one. Because of the Fold 2 customers, you had free advertising for your next roll out. All we had to do was open the phone! You're welcome. 
So ya Samsung, do something about this. I literally can not be the ONLY person that has been dealing with this situation. Also, has anyone else experienced their phone overheating when using Android Auto? 
A very frustrated and lost Fold 2 customer
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