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Z-fold 3 the best Foldable phone ever | Review after 2 weeks with it and still I'm loving it

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Galaxy Fold

I purchased my Z fold 3 about 2 weeks ago. I opened it with curiosity and a touch of excitement for a new experience. Here is my review of z fold3 after two weeks of everyday use.😊

Looks & aesthetic:

  • Happy news for people who love big screens and new experiences \ who are using tablets and mobile for different purposes. So here is the Foldable device which is adaptable with enhanced features.
  • The device is tall and narrow when using as a 6.2” cover display for calling or texting
  • when using the square-shaped 7.6" Infinity flex screen it gives you a tab-like experience
  • The outer layer is made of armor aluminum which is decent and I love the narrow look when I fold it and hold it.
  • Hinge movements are perfect even at partial folds its fits exactly in the same position as we fold 
  • The fingerprint position has perfectly placed no need for any stressed movements. The fingerprint sensor responds well, no hassle there. 






  • Dynamic AMOLED 7.6" Infinity flex screen with 6.2-inch cover display both are AMOLED panel with an HD+ resolution (2,268x832) and Corning Gorilla Glass Victus given to display for additional scratch protection/display guard
  • Samsung features its display is 30% harder but it’s weird that it can be damaged or scratched with nails or keys, So to keep the device from scratches, you could also buy an S pen if you wanna be super cautious or you can use screen protectors which could do the job. I personally use screen protectors from Gadgetshieldz which fits well.
  • The refreshing rate is 120HZ which enhances the overall responsiveness, especially while gaming.


Gaming & RAM: 

  • Z fold 3 comes with 12GB ram + 256GB and for better speed and smooth graphic experience SD888 is provided which is the latest for Androids but at present Snapdragon888 is mostly available in all devices, Samsung could have done something better and innovative




  • I personally love this new feature of the selfie camera which is behind the 6.2-inch cover display and the four-megapixel sensor is hidden by a pixelated ray or grid pattern which is unnoticeable while playing videos but can be seen under white displays. That’s new and innovative (Samsung has tried to hide the selfie camera with a pixelated ray which is not perfect and the technology has to advance but it still does a decent Job)
  • Image clarity and details are just Ok and not to be expected more than a decent image. The camera is good but not crisp as s20 or other note series which they refer to as premium mobiles that Samsung delivers. (The camera is good but not crisp as the other premium mobiles from Samsung)
  • I would rather say that mid-range M series phones from Samsungs have better image quality than Samsung Z fold3. 
  • Samsung should have done it (camera) better when it comes to its flagship model.




  • Battery drains most of the time, yes it depends on your usage but the battery capacity of 4400mAH is not sufficient for the features it offers.
  • If you use the 7.6” Main display with a 120Hz refresh rate. it’s hard for a device to stay alive all day.
  • You definitely need a power bank if you are a heavy user or if you travel a lot. 
  • But it’s reasonable: Regarding the battery capacity, it will be challenging for Samsung to provide a higher battery capacity without increasing the thickness or weight of the mobile.



  • They are provided with IpX8 water resistance which is quite unexpected for a foldable device but I am still skeptical about taking it into the pool or in heavy rain and keep that in mind it's not dust resistant.


  • Overall user experience is great. Browsing & Note-taking experience with Dual apps on the same screen is Top-notch. Also, we can use two apps stacked on top of each other at the same time and it has improved the taskbar manager when comparing note series.
  • In Lab mode: we can resize & customize the majority of things as we wish and in Flex mode: Apps can be adjustable with respect to the display we use. But some applications are Unoptimized for auto resolution. 
  • Instant Mirroring from infinite display to cover display is pretty exciting and smooth.
  • Some of these new features keep us excited as a Zfold 3 user. Overall User interface and experience give us a freshness from any other device in the market.

S pen:

  • It comes in two variants one is for Rs. 3999 of basic S pen and Rs. 9999 for s pen pro which has a Bluetooth and inbuilt battery with USB port for charging purposes.
  • You have to get an additional Samsung case to carry your s pen with your mobile but the s pen pro comes with an additional sleek which does not fit in the case so it’s annoyable and the price is too high. (ZFold3 doesn't have a holding option so you have to buy a case that fits perfectly and most cases don't fit and it's quite annoying)
  • I use a basic S pen which is more than enough and I use it mostly during meetings and note-taking.

So the overall functionality and experience are truly noticeable and appreciable. Samsung did a great job and I’m happy like those who look forward to pushing new innovative foldable devices.


  • Highly recommended for people who Manages different tasks on the same screen which improves the overall productivity
  • If you are bored just switch to the main screen and you could enjoy video streams or gaming.
  • If you love experiencing new tech you will definitely love Zfold 3


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Galaxy Fold
I guess I gonna get it
Galaxy Fold
It's too bad they still haven't fixed the the like button, awesome review
Galaxy Fold
Awesome review 👏