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ZFOLD4 Problem with Some Cases

(Topic created: 09-25-2022 10:53 AM)
Galaxy Fold
So I purchased a couple different rugged cases for my zfold4 because I wanted it protected. But once I acquired an S-pen FOLD SERIES, I discovered an issue. At first I believed it to be my pen, so I exchanged it for an exact replacement. Second pen did the same thing, so then I started to wonder if it was the screen. Issue was this; the pen would glide across the main screen but glitch in a couple spots. Eventually I discovered the glitches weren't random. They were 2 very specific spots on the screen. 
Ultimately; turns out the specific spots where the screen was not registering the pen touches turned out to be where 2 little magnets in the hinge protector flap on the case happen to be. So to test this I took off the entire case and sure enough! No more glitches in the screen and pen interaction! So if you're also having the s pen fold series problem with the main screen, check if it's the case you happen to be using. 
I returned the case and now have one with no little magnets and no more issues with my pen 😁
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