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audio glitch

(Topic created: 12-29-2022 08:44 AM)
Galaxy Fold

Ever since an update a couple weeks ago my fold 3 and husband's flip 3 have audio glitches that require complete restarts only to have to restart multiple times a day. my phone the fold3 also tries to call me from my car and refuses to end call without a phone restart.  all chat support will do is suggest I try clearing cache, which I've done many times; take my phone for repair, I warrantied the fold 3 a week ago and still didn't fix the issue.  It's a software issue not a phone issue and they really don't want to hear that.  any suggestions to fix our phones will be appreciated.









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Community Manager
Galaxy Fold

Hello Ann429, We understand how frustrating audio concerns can be. We will be happy to assist you with getting both phones working properly.

What type of audio glitch are you experiencing? 

When you connect to the car, is it through Bluetooth only, or are you also connected through an app?

Did you clear the cache for apps or did you clear the cache partition?

There are some additional steps to try, if you haven't already.

1. Clear the cache partition and repair apps through the recovery menu. 

2. Test the phones in Safe Mode to determine if there is an app causing the behavior.

3. A factory reset of the phones. This corrects many software concerns. Be sure to do a complete back-up before resetting.

If the glitches are still occurring after resetting the phones, please send a PM with the model codes and IMEI numbers of the phone, so we may look into this further. http://bit.ly/2XERsky