Note 8 Promotion Gift Problem.


Note 8 Promotion Gift Problem.

This is the most trouble I've ever had with a Samsumg promotion.

  • On 9/5 I preordered my Note8 Through Verizon
  • On 9/5 I registered for the Gear360 camera
  • On 9/5 @3:01pm I received an email saying that I had registered for the memory card/charger (I did not)
  • on 9/5 @9:00pm I received another email saying that the previous email was incorrect and verified that I had registered for the Gear 360 camera
  • On 9/6 @12:19am I received an email saying that the registartion was approved and I would receive the give in 6-8 weeks.


Fast Forward (checking website for status with no updates) for 8 weeks


11/3 I contact promotions support and they open a ticket saying that I will hear back in 48 hours. A week goes by and nothing.
11/8 I contact them again and they said it will be 48 "business" hours. So I wait another week
11/14 I called again and they open an escellation ticket.
11/17 I finally get an email saying that the gift has been shipped with a tracking number.
11/20 I finally receive the gift... the memory card and the wireless charger.


After all of that, they sent the incorrect gift.


I really don't need yet another wireless charger or memory card. I have plenty of both. I have been putting off buying a 360 camera because I knew I had one coming here.


Support has not been much help. They blame prize logic and keep telling me I need to reply to the emails, but all the emails have "noreply" addresses that that would be a waste of time.


Does anyone know the secret password to someone at either prize logic or samsung who can get this resolved?




ps: this is the 2nd time I've posted this request for help. Why would this question be deleted???

Red Giant

Re: Note 8 Promotion Gift Problem.

Hi @MSHampton I understand how this can be frustrating and feel like an ordeal. Your first post was moved since this one was also noticed by another moderator and to create a smooth, non-spammy environment we streamline duplicate posts. As for your promotions problem, I can certainly look up your email address to see what I can do to help you or who to point you to, if I'm unable to help. 


Re: Note 8 Promotion Gift Problem.

Thanks, that would be great. I registered under the same address, and I can provide the emails I received showing where they admit to mis-registering me for the wrong gift. I still have the charger and memory card unopened on my desk. Let me know what you need. Michael

Note 8 Promotion Gift Problem.

I have purchased a new Samsung phone every year for past 10 years. Applied for specials anytime one was offered. To date have not received I special. Last one fought over and over for I year, texts, calls, emails, 6 different departments NEVER received gift. Everytime I was told yes you're eligible we will make a ticket.

Note 8 Promotion Gift Problem.

I'm currently experiencing problems receiving my gift. I registered for the wireless charger and memory card on 9/7. Sept 8- Received email from Samsung stating gift will be shipped 9/27 Oct 31 - Received email from Samsung stating gift will be shipped 11/19 Once I received that email, I called customer service, and she told me to call back after 8 weeks of the registration date if I hadn't received the gift. Nov 21 - I check the gift status website, and it now says the gift will be shipped 12/10!!!! This is ridiculous and unacceptable, and Samsung should be ashamed of themselves for taking SO LONG to deliver my gift for preordering early. I'll never participate in another Samsung promotion, and I will consider another manufacturer for my next phone because this ordeal has left a bad taste in my mouth towards Samsung.

Re: Note 8 Promotion Gift Problem.

any luck yet?  I have been fighting for 3 months now.  Spoken to 2 supposed supervisors.