Broken S pen issue


Broken S pen issue

So, I have recently contacted you guys so many times trying to get one simple thing fixed and I've gotten nowhere.. I got my phone and within a few weeks the s pen breaks!! I dropped my phone on the carpet (it fell from a very very small distance that phone landed softly the screen and phone were perfectly fine) but the top half of the pen flew out leaving the other part inside. I messaged you guys on a board.. nothing.. I chat with you guys and I'm told "Oh just call they will send you out a replacement it's our policy that you can get 1 replacement" I call and the guy tries to make it seem like I broke the stupid pen on purpose and I'm out of luck. Anyway, after explaining everything again he says he'll have to have me send the pen in to have it inspected then they decide if I get another. I agreed but it's been about a month now I have not received a return label and no one can help. I need help replacing your defective pen!!! I paid a lot of money for this phone and apparently this is a known issue with the pens. What else do I have to do to get a new pen!?!

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Re: Broken S pen issue

Can you please send me your full model number, IMEI, and ticket number in a private message?