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AT&T and CSGA... again.. This time a problem thats appeared.

(Topic created: 08-07-2019 06:27 PM)
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Ok...  AT&T user on a Note 9, updated yesterday to CSGA.  Runs Great.  Got the Dark mode on the camera.  Impressive.  

THEN, I got a Text message.  And now anytime that I have recieved a text message and have the standard text message app up and running, I get a pop up message that appears every 15 seconds at the bottom of the screen saying "Couldn't open connection to Server."  

All I have to do is have the app running and there pops up the message.  I can step out of the app, and the message continues to appear on schedule.  Even after hitting recent apps, Close All I STILL get the pop up.  The only way I've found to end the pop up is to reboot the phone.  (And I'm not even sure that this step works.  I get too many messages.  

As I said, AT&T, Note 9 SM-N962U, 512G, running CSGA installed yesterday afternoon.  I cleared the Cache partition yesterday, after the updates.  

Any Ideas??


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Ok. It ain't a solution, but the mysterious message goes away if I turn my WiFi off, wait a bit and turn it back on. Changing settings in messages and advanced messages does nothing. 


Edit: it ain't a WiFi problem. 3 other hotspots and the same problem on each one. 


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Ok. With the help of the fine people at Android Central. Resetting all network connections fixed the problem. After exhausting every other setting. 


Thank you Mustang7757.