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Ability to temporarily turn off alarm

(Topic created: 05-31-2021 03:20 AM)
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I simply do not understand how an application that provides the functionality to set an alarm does not also provide the functionality to temporarily disable that alarm; to dismiss the next recurrence of the alarm. This functionality will, in almost all use cases, be required! For example, the alarm you've set to awaken yourself for work needs to be temporarily disabled for the upcoming holiday/weekend/day off. Without this functionality being built-in, you have to just allow the alarm to go off on you're day off!! Ugh! The reason for this is that if you turn it off, you are running the risk of not turning the alarm back on for whatever reason and being late for work and potentially losing your job! The only workaround that I and everyone else have available to ourselves is to set another alarm to remind yourself to turn it back on, which I never do because it is not a reliable practice. How can you develop an application that sets an alarm but not include the ability to temporarily turn it off???!! The ability to do this 5 minutes before the alarm goes off is absolutely insufficient if you're on your day off and asleep!! 
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Galaxy Note Phones
Just turn the alarm off in the app for your days off and then remember to turn it back on before a work day, not that hard.