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Android 11 update / battery

(Topic created on: 2/11/21 10:03 PM)
Galaxy Note Phones
Anyone else noticing their battery life taking a hit after the Android 11 update?  My note 10+ updated to Android 11 the other day and since then I'm noticing my battery charge is not lasting as long.  I used to make it through a regular workday with occasional phone use and still have a decent amount of battery left at the end of the day. Now I'm getting low battery warnings with little charge left by the end of the day.. used to only see that in days of heavy phone use and screen time
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Galaxy Note Phones

Yes. They removed medium battery mode and now my Galaxy S10e lasts about 7 hours vs the entire day it previously ran for. Pretty annoyed as battery life was the reason I got the phone. I’ve tried all the minor tweaks to help it but it’s like using a bandaid to fix a beheadding.