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Apps Fail to Open Suddenly

(Topic created: 01-28-2024 11:55 PM)
Galaxy Note Phones
Don't think it matters but:
Device DM-N976U
Model Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G
Software Android v12
 B(I think it's 12 w/o looking)

So suddenly about 6 or so months ago several of my apps refused to open. Samsung Galaxy would actually tell me it doesn't wanna open at the bottom & would always suggest clear the app cache to see if it fixes the problem. Clearing cache NEVER fixed the problem resulting in me clearing all app data for the app but usually it requirede to clear everything then uninstall the app & then reinstall a fresh copy from GooglePlay Store or so I thought.

Well, here's why its happening on a many apps especially my Game apps. Galaxy has a setting or feature that'll Disable apps if you don't actually use them in some default settings amount of time. You know this cuz you would probly see a Enable button on Play Store for some of these apps you have installed that you rarely if ever use like I have cuz I haven't had time to try it yet.
Well if the app is disabled by your device & you try & open the app from anywhere other than Play Store like how I was by searching for it by name for example in my apps list, the app will blink or flash sometimes so fast u won't see it. Most times I get the msg about clearing it's cache to maybe help or maybe it says nothimg. But to fix it, you must Enable the app first and then it'll work. If it on Play Store it'll make u select Enable first before you can open &/or Update the particular app so u wouldn't necessarily notice it until u attempted to open a disabled app elsewhere. 
Just fyi hope it helps cuz it's been concerning me for months & noone seemed to know why a bunch of my apps suddenly stoped working. Lol go fig
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