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Audio playback issue when Note 9 is paired with Bose QC45

(Topic created: 04-04-2022 09:10 PM)
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When I pair my trusty Note 9 to a Bose QC45 headset, I have to keep it the only connected device. Otherwise, while I keep an active stream with another paired device, Note 9 will always interrupt the audio playback. When it happens, the active audio playback from another device will go completely quiet.

The interruption is frequent, but unpredictable. The duration is usually within a second or two. It does not help to disable the "calls channel" for QC45 when it is paired with Note 9. Though, very likely, this is what was introducing the quiet gaps in the first place.

Here is the funny part: the Bose support told me to talk to Samsung, and the Samsung support asked me to buy a new phone.


Per this post, I'd like to achieve to things:

  1. @Other Note 9 owners, if you also have trouble with QC45, please drop a note. Assuming we have enough complaints, may Samsung get it fixed?
  2. And, from moderator of this community - could you at least clarify what's the root cause of the audio interruption produced by Note 9? And, what Bluetooth specs should I aim for to avoid the reported audio issue? Please take this as an ask for purchasing advice. Thx!


Here are additional pieces of information I gathered, all indicating that Note 9 is the cause of the quiet gap that keeps interrupting the audio playback from QC45:

  • The audio playback interruption has nothing to do with the specific unit of Bose QC45. I tried at least three different pairs of the headphone.
  • The issue is reproducible with multiple connected devices - the QC45 permits two connections at the same time, and in my case, it just cannot be Note 9 🙂
    My two desktop machine works fine with an iPhone 7 when both are paired with Qc45. However, none of these can keep an uninterrupted audio playback when Note 9 is paired at the same time.
  • Regardless of the pairing of connected devices, disconnecting Note 9 from should stop the interruptions from accruing again;
  • Lastly, resetting the Wireless settings for Note 9 helped, for a number of hours. After that, the same audio interruption thing should reoccur and will persist.
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